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Community Health Alliance wandered into the Tennessee health exchange like Kilroy wandered into Camino Real.

Kilroy was an outsider full of hope walking into a town where forces quickly squashed his optimism.

Well, the marketplace was a completely new concept for all the players in Tennessee. Never before had there been an online marketplace where health insurers sold their products like when Countrywide and BOA sell mortgages over

Still, many players in the marketplaces were already the establishment in health insurance circles. Community Health Alliance was a new health insurance company in completely new marketplace.

Camino Real was a comedy. The difference between a comedy and a drama is that a comedy has a happy ending. But in the case of Kilroy, I think his character perished.

I remember that he was a washed up boxer looking for his own cinderella story. Everyone was super pumped up about his boxing match. Then I remember some time later that Kilroy got shot. I think it was by the guy that kept the Riff Raff of the terrace of the rich people’s social club.

Camino Real was a hard place for the little guy. I remember that the elites were able to board the fugitivo. But the poor people never got a chance. There was wine, laughter and joie de vivre on the terrace. Laughter was common on the square amongst the poor people. Events really got the poor to rally for causes that showed great hope. Then the hope would reach an inevitable climax, and the joy would be squashed.

Marketplace=New town. Just like Camino Real was to Kilroy and other fat cat insurers.

Government=Establishment; did not choose to disperse agreed-upon reimbursement funds.

Kilroy=Community Health Alliance. Washed up boxer with a “glass-half-full” attitude. Fit to fight against the fat-cat insurers–the establishment as well.

Kilroy got shot. CHA got squeezed out of the marketplace.