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Improve your efficiency, client engagement, and time to reimbursement with our enrollment and year-round policy management, call center support, and/or reimbursement solutions for your healthcare provider or community-based organization, state and local health departments, or federally qualified health center (FQHCs).

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Ryan White/340B Program Services

You need insurance benefits management services that get and keep your clients enrolled in approved Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans. But that takes time, especially during Open Enrollment. Let American Exchange automate the process and conduct eligibility re-assessments to ensure your clients have continued healthcare enrollment and access to care.

We provide the following Support Services to Ryan White and STI Premium Assistance/Health Insurance Continuation Programs:

  • Health insurance enrollment assistance and year-round policy management
  • Premium payments
  • Creative strategies to maximize 340B savings
  • Credentialing and revenue cycle management service
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American Exchange has been the most beneficial, consistent and crucial component when enrolling our clients in healthcare. They are always quick to respond to questions and have helped me navigate the marketplace when I am unsure of a solution. I couldn’t imagine trying to enroll all my clients every year on my own without their help.

Princess RoshellVanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks, Nashville, TN

Our open enrollment experience with American Exchange was excellent. Re-enrolling our 80+ clients was thorough and seamless. Very pleased; plan to utilize American Exchange for re-enrollments and new enrollments...

Trista Anderson (Case Management Supervisor)Piedmont Cares, South Carolina

American Exchange has been phenomenal with going above and beyond to assist me in applying for health insurance for my clients. AE is prompt, courteous, warm, and accommodating. I hope that this is the kind of service that will continue for years on end. Our clients need us to be their best advocate...

Monique Luckey (Social Worker)Glynn/Liberty Care Center, Georgia

American Exchange assists our clients in health plan selection, processing Marketplace
applications, tracking enrollments, and with customer service issues. Recommend their services.

John Goodrich (Assistant Director)Orange County (FL) Health Services, Ryan White Part A Program

Using American Exchange has been a wonderful experience. It’s allowed us to focus on providing patient care and leave the details to them. Instead of having to puzzle through the Marketplace applications by ourselves, we have them to navigate the process for us. Having their assistance has been crucial in keeping patients insured. Their employees are always responsive and go above and beyond what is necessary.

I appreciate the reduced paperwork due to them directly communicating to IAP during the enrollment process. Their quick response time (usually under 24 hours) to our needs for updating applications for client changes. They are great at helping troubleshoot issues between Marketplace and insurance companies such as verifying application details to find inconsistencies with demographics or checking to see if payments have gone through and when the last payments were so that we can address the issues.

Raven O’RoukeVanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic, Nashville, TN

American Exchange assists our clients in health plan selection, processing Marketplace
applications, tracking enrollments, and with customer service issues. Recommend their services.

Daniel T. Wall (Assistant Director)Ryan White Program, Miami-Dade County
American Exchange Support Services
A health insurance benefits management expert is ready to take your call.

We Are Here to Help Year-Round

Ordering lost insurance cards, tracking down required documentation, and answering client questions takes a case manager’s time away from meeting other clients’ needs. American Exchange can do it for you.

Because we are passionate about helping our consumers be more competent healthcare consumers, we provide year-round policy management services. We pride ourselves on the fact that the same licensed insurance benefits expert who helped a client enroll is often available to address their question or resolve insurance-related issues affecting enrollment.

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We Can Lighten Your Burden

Credentialing is time-consuming. Let American Exchange take that burden off your hands. We provide full-service credentialing to increase access to care in your community and maximize reimbursement for services rendered.

We are able to fully credential a payer from start to finish with Medicare, Medicaid, and any commercial payers. We will work with all the health plans in your service area, and manage the documentation, submissions, and approvals for you. We also will set up and manage your CAQH profiles and PECOS enrollment credentialing needs.

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American Exchange Credentialing
American Exchange Credentialing

Revenue Cycle Management

Are you looking to improve operational efficiency and cash flow? American Exchange’s revenue cycle management experts work with you to identify challenges, educate your staff on industry changes, and implement best practices to streamline processes and increase your revenue. Our efforts not only strengthen your organization, they improve access to care in your community.

What we can help you achieve

We can help you increase revenue and improve operational efficiency

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Services Include:
  • Health insurance enrollment and verification
  • Coding
  • Billing and claims submission
  • Denials management
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) management, including collections
  • Financial performance reporting
  • Process improvement consultation and implementation

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