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Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. He has his own ideas about what health care reform should be. All presidential candidates have their own ideas on what health care reform should look like, and all presidential candidates vow they can save the American taxpayer money–with or without Obamacare. TrumpCare is the nickname given to Donald Trump’s Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again.

If Trump becones president, Trump would change the insurance industry by allwoing the sale of health insurance across state lines. Under this initiative, Blue Cross Blue Shield of georgia could sell a health insurance plan in Washington state. The controversy lies in the uncertainty of the willingness of providers to accept health insurance outside of health insurance networks.

Let’s say someone in Missouri buys a cheaper health plan from a health insurance company in Wyoming. He gets sick, and none of his local doctors accept the health insurance. Is it worth having the health insurance if he has to fly to Wyoming every time he gets sick?

The plan could work if every insurance company has to comply with every state regulation. The problem in this endeavor is that health insurance companies would have to spend millions to comply with the new regime. In addition, now that health insurance companies copuld sell uniform health policies across states, the health insurance companies would choose to incorporate in the states with the most lax regulations. There is a potential here for less consumer protection.

TrumpCare to End Health Insurance to

Donald Trum is the presumptive Republican nominee for President. One of his strongest pushes is to tow the party line and repeal ObamaCare.