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Great strides are made daily in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS. However, in the HIV Care Continuum, a large gap remains between diagnosis and treatment. Why? Many PLWH (People Living With HIV) do not know they can get coverage for treatment.

Ryan White and other HIV/AIDS government coverage programs

This is especially true for PLWH who are within 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. Several programs, most notably the Ryan White Program, exist to help PLWH receive the coverage they need, so they can not only get diagnosed, but also can get the care they need. Yet the coverage gap still exists. Part of the issue and cause for these coverage gaps, is that each state — indeed, each government agency dealing with HIV/AIDS — has different policies and processes.

Standardization Bridges the HIV/AIDS Coverage Gap

Some state, county and local government agencies are standardizing their coverage policies and processes. They are also working with Community-Based Organizations to help PLWH access the care they need. American Exchange is working with several agencies in pioneering relationships to help bridge that coverage gap. A non-partisan white paper discussing how those processes can be standardized, and how the coverage gap can be bridged, is available. Government agency representatives and other interested parties are invited to receive their free copy by contacting: