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By: Rachel Cullor

Upon researching different resources and updates for the carriers, we have compiled the following information that we feel may be helpful to our clients.

Most carriers are offering Telehealth services right now, and most ACA plans include wellness and mental health. If you are stressed, depressed, or need to speak to a mental/behavioral health professional, you can do so by using the Telehealth option at your carrier.


Ambetter of Tennessee is offering help to its members that have been affected by the tornadoes in the area. Some of the services they are providing are:

  • Emergency prescription refills
  • Help replacing necessary medical equipment, services, or supplies
  • Help dealing with stress or depression
  • Payment extensions for people directly impacted

A full list of these services is available at this link:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

Also, BCBS of Tennessee has decided to cover in network Telehealth visits permanently, with the cost of an in network telehealth visit to be the same as an in network face to face visit. This feature was added earlier this year on a temporary basis to help members reach doctors without leaving their home during the COVID pandemic. With this permanent change, BCBS of Tennessee continues to support their members and improve access to care.

Link to the full article is here:


The site supplies resources on many topics including:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief and Loss
  • Managing Stress
  • Parenting
  • Working from Home

You can click on the following link to access the site:

Oscar Health

Oscar Health has an informative, easy to understand site that sorts out some of the common myths about COVID-19, and the actual facts that are known at this time.

You can access the site by clicking on this link:

Florida Blue

Florida Blue offers several resources on their site, but one of the things I found interesting is an article about COVID-19 scams that are happening. It is more important than ever to be able to recognize a scam, and most of the scams are targeting older individuals. These scams are involving people claiming to be health officials that are door to door testing for COVID, and trying to gain entrance into homes. Another scam involves texts to claim a new stimulus payment by clicking a link. Or, calls offering free testing for COVID by supplying your Medicare number.

Here is the link to that article:

As we continue to adjust to the new normal, we need to be aware of the resources available to help our community.  As always, American Exchange is here to assist consumers with looking at their health care options, or discussing how the household, job, or income changes you are experiencing can affect your coverage.

Please reach out to us today at 423-424-0586 (or 888-995-1674) to speak to a licensed agent for assistance looking at options, making changes to your Marketplace application, or uploading requested documentation on your behalf.