About American Exchange

Vision, Mission, & Core Values

What we strive for (Vision):

To become a nationally recognized brand in healthcare known for simplifying and explaining health insurance enrollment, delivering incredible customer service and improving the lives of our consumers.

How we will get there (Mission):

To enroll and educate people on their health insurance options, with the goal of creating more competent healthcare consumers, while providing our clients with innovative, technology-based solutions to healthcare problems.

The way we will do it (Core Values):


We are passionate and empathetic about holistically helping our consumers be more competent healthcare consumers.


We strive to earn and maintain our consumers’ and clients’ trust by operating with uncompromising integrity and ethics, acting as true advocates and partners in their health and financial success.


Our success is dependent on respecting each other, being accountable to our own work performance, and maximizing collaboration. Only as a team will we truly exceed our consumers’ and clients’ expectations.


Our desire to always learn with an entrepreneurial spirit and a view toward the future drives our innovations in how we generate value for our consumers and clients. Innovations pave the way for continued growth.


We are committed to improving the lives of individuals we serve and communities they live in, today and in the future.