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Forbes recently ranked the top global pharmacuetical companies. You’ve probably heard these names.

You probably use your health insurance to buy many of these companies’ products.

But can you pair the drugs with the correct pharmaceutical company?

I never could.

Here’s the top five pharma companies (and the drugs that make them famous):

1. Johnson & Johnson

You cut your finger cooking–how do you stop the bleeding? Most likely, you’re looking for a Band-Aid. Johnson & Johnson invented the adhesive bandage, and this is what they called it. Johnson & Johnson ballooned into global pharmaceutical giant with a diverse portfolio of brands.

It’s easy to recognize many of J&J’s brands. Mylanta, Listerine, Visine and Purell are brands owned by the pharma giant. However, the company has other interests.

Johnson & Johnson is a giant producer of products like catheters and knee replacements. In addition, the company sells a specialty cancer medication called Zytiga. A monthly prescription of Zytiga could set you back thousands of dollars.

2. Pfizer

It’s winter, and your lips are chapped. You’re reaching for a famous Pfizer brand–Chapstick. Like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer has some famous consumer products brands under its belt. For example, Pfizer owns Dimetapp and Preparation H.

Pfizer has quite the repertoire of prescription drugs. Need to quit smoking? There’s Chantix for that…

Zoloft, Lipitor and Celebrex are all brands of the Pfizer corporation.

3. Novartis

You’ve probably heard the Novartis name. It is the third largest global pharmaceutical company.

But why is the company visible in the pharmaceutical world?

Well, the Swiss pharmaceutical company owns the largest eye care company on the globe. If you wear contact lenses, then you might have heard of one or two Alcon products. The Opti-Free brand contact wash is an Alcon staple.

If you take prescription medicines, then you probably take generics.

But do you ever wonder which company manufacturers generic drugs? I do…

I found out that one of Novertis’ largest divisions is called Sandoz. The former division happens to be the second-largest producer of generic drugs in the world. Sandoz makes generic versions of Adderall, Ambien and Neosporin.

4. Merck

Merck pharmaceuticals is a big name in Diabetes medication. It is the parent company of one of the best-selling prescription drugs on the market–Januvia. The diabetes medication ranked ninth on Pharmacy Times list of the best-selling drugs of 2015 list.

Aside from blockbuster diabetes medication, Merck formerly owned a giant portfolio of consumer product brands. Merck was the former owner of the brands Coppertone, Claritin, and Dr. Scholls.

In 2014, Merck sold its consumer products division to the German-based Bayer. Merck pocketed $14.2 Billion from this deal.

5. Roche Holdings

Roche is a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company. The company goes back over a hunderd years, and it manufactures hundreds of drugs aimed at prevention, diagnostics and research.

The company’s website features a wide selection of pharmaceuticals to combat most diseases. For example, the company manufactures the Accu-Check readers that help diabetics monitor their blood sugar.

In addition, Roche is the owner of one drug that is really prevalent in pop-culture–Valium. Per the website, Valium helps treat anxiety disorders. The drug has the propensity to cause drowsiness and fatigue among its users.

Philip Strang is an insurance agent and on-the-side copywriter. He enjoys helping others make sense of the complicated health insurance industry.