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How to Solve Your Revenue Cycle Staffing Shortage 

by | Mar 1, 2022 | coding, Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management, staffing

Revenue cycle management solutions have been stagnant for years, and now with the pandemic and Great Resignation at hand, you have a staffing shortage within your organization or facility that is costing you unnecessary money.    

The shortage can be an aggravating problem for staff and facilities alike due to resources running thin and individuals being forced to undertake positions not best suited to their skill sets in the hopes of not falling even more behind. It’s a scenario that we see all too often, where either employees are doing jobs below them, or your organization simply does not have the correctly skilled individuals.   

Although the pandemic and Great Resignation may have exasperated your revenue cycle systems that are currently in place, there has been an underlying, imperative need for an innovative approach to finally address your revenue cycle needs once and for all.   

Below we’ll discuss a few unique approaches we take to reduce your uncompensated care costs while addressing your staffing shortages that ensure cost-effective methods, ROI on staff productivity, and better allocating your staff’s time.   

Engaging and educating your patients and staff  

Two of the most common approaches to tackling uncompensated care costs and staffing shortages are employing software systems or hiring new, permanent employees. Although these options may be viable, they often do not provide a multiple-touch patient experience you require and can cost an exorbitant amount of money.   

Our managed service technique not only alleviates your staffing issues by providing certified supplemental support, but we also provide the proper insight for your patients and staff members so they can both enjoy a more enhanced, enjoyable experience.   

This approach will directly reduce the number of claims you have since a more satisfied and informed patient is far less likely to create an uncompensated claim. Effective communication, such as scheduling appointments, consistent follow-ups, and providing patients/staff with the proper tools, is the cornerstone of a healthy and sustainable revenue cycle. 

Improving workflows  

In order to successfully implement an improved workflow, you can’t focus on one specific aspect of the revenue cycle but the many facets of the billing journey, such as the front-office staff, billers, coders, accounts receivable, denial management, and physician credentialing experts.   

By taking the time to address every touch point of the patient’s journey, you’ll develop a better understanding of cost-effective approaches to your uncompensated care needs and create a more diligent patient care experience.  

Supplementing your team with certified billers and coders  

Our approach to resolving your uncompensated care costs is based on a performance-based model, which is significantly more cost-effective for you while also providing a better ROI. Our method guarantees accountability and an assurance that more money will not be unnecessarily lost from your facility or organization.   

Having more skilled and proficient staff support at your disposal allows your facility to focus on the main issue at hand, your patients.  

Incorporating automation with proper training and upskilling    

Technology and automation can move routine, repeatable, labor-intensive tasks to the machines and reduce manual effort. For instance, claims status automation and the adoption of portals reduce call center workloads. When you free people up from mundane activities, they can focus on higher-value activities and have better job satisfaction.  

Aside from simply setting up the best automation practices, we take the time and provide the resources to train and upskill your current staff to ensure future autonomy in billing and claim processes.    

Our solution  

If you’d like to learn more about what American Exchange can do for your staffing shortage and uncompensated care needs, you can read our Addressing Your Staffing Shortage flyer, visit our page, or get in contact with us today!   

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