Revenue Cycle
and Billing

Revenue Cycle Mgt. – Case Mgrs

American Exchange service to our Case Mgt partners –

  • Patient focus – Scare resources directed on patients’ needs, Reduced Admin.
  • Outcomes – More resources allow increased diligence, service, and outcomes
  • Productivity – Faster process and through-put, More profitable use of talent
  • Patients served – Greater access, Enhanced revenues fund more patient resources
  • Outsourcing – Access Broader Talent Pool, More Experience, Redistribute Talent \ Funds
  • Contingency fee – Paid on the percentage of collections, Aligned performance goals
  • Expense Mgt. – Expense \ Labor Re-distribution, Productive use of Talent
  • Analytics – Detailed Analysis of Trends, Claims, Networks, Reporting, AI/BI, better planning

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