Revenue Cycle
and Billing

The new normal is emerging with the passing of each wave of Covid-19 spikes. This new scenario is one where employers are having difficulty finding employees, high rates of employee and administrative burnout, and maintaining health care practices are becoming more complicated with employee attrition and the challenge of finding credentialed employees to fill administrative roles. As health care organizations take into consideration human capital as well as the burdens and costs of running their organizations, it is important not to wait until a crisis to find a solution. Instead, it is time to proactively assess where you stand.

Staffing Shortages

It has become increasingly difficult to staff for administrative roles in the health care sector. Not only do healthcare organizations have to worry about finding adequate staff but also training staff to do billing accurately and efficiently. According to a June 2021 Survey of the National Federation of Independent Business, 46% of employers have open jobs they are unable to fill.

Administrative Burnout

Increasingly, the burden of administrative tasks has led to employee burnout. According to Mental Health America,  from June to September 2020, an overwhelming 76% of healthcare professionals describe feelings of exhaustion and burnout. Employee burnout causes employee absenteeism (employees missing work because of burnout) and presenteeism (where the employee is at work, but unable to function in their role on the level required for accuracy and efficiency of healthcare administration processes due to burnout and burnout related illnesses.)

Employee Attrition

Turnover in billing and administration is increasingly high and only rising more. As healthcare organizations continue to provide resources and training to a new administration and billing staff,  the resulting attrition of healthcare employees can drain healthcare organizations as they continue to take on the cost of training new employees without the payoff of retaining those employees. According to the Leaders for Today Survey, 47% of non-clinical administrative staff respondents report planning to leave their jobs in two years. Without employee retention, staff knowledge and engagement of healthcare administration processes is limited.

American Exchange can help your organization with staffing shortages by helping to provide outsourcing of billing, coding, and administration of your health care organization to our certified (AATSC) coders. You can leave your billing and coding needs to American Exchange. With our 90% accuracy clean claims, American Exchange can streamline your revenue cycle management process with increased efficiency and accuracy. To help health care organizations dealing with burnout and attrition, American Exchange can fulfill your organization’s needs with billing, credentialing, and coding so you can focus your attention on the patient.

What Can American Exchange Do To Help?

American Exchange provides revenue cycle management, billing administration, credentialing, and coding expertise. While you seek to serve and focus on the patient, American Exchange focuses on administrative tasks.

American Exchange can help your organization with the following tasks:

  • Provider Credentialing
  • Patient intake and eligibility
  • Electronic health record (EHR) system setup and deployment
  • Coding guidelines for all services offered.
  • Billing Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance carriers, and patients (when applicable)
    • We are expert at identifying secondary and tertiary insurance.
  • Denials management
  • Collections
  • Payment posting