Addressing Your Revenue Cycle Staffing Shortage

Revenue cycle management systems have been stagnant for years and now Operation Manager's are beginning to feel exasperated by increased denials and delayed cash flows.


While you can take short-term approaches to address your revenue cycle issues, the labor shortage is not going away anytime soon, and you need the expertise of our industry professionals. 

Our Unique Approach

When your revenue cycle faces a staffing shortage for core functions, you tend to ignore the optimization functions such as quality assurance and best-of-the-breed practices, which can unlock additional revenue opportunities.


American Exchange can help by: 


  • Engaging and educating your patients and staff  
  • Improving workflows   
  • Supplementing your team with certified billers and coders  
  • Incorporating automation with proper training and upskilling  

Our Solution Delivers Results

Last year, American Exchange:


For one of our clients (a state health department), we were able to provide end-to-end RCM services totaling nearly $14 million. We processed up to 9,000 monthly encounters; the highest volumes occuring during vaccination periods.


You can learn more by reading our Addressing the Staffing Shortage flyer to understand how American Exchange can put your facility in a more fiscally healthy position or simply get in contact with us below.