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12.7 Million Americans Make Health Plan Selections

Yesterday, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reported that 12.7 million Americans signed up for health insurance coverage.

This number accounts for the 9.6 million Americans who enrolled in coverage through the portal. Another 3.1 million Americans enrolled in coverage through State-based marketplaces.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary chief, publically stated that 4 million people are enrolling in coverage for the first time. This number represents the new enrollees who enrolled in coverage through the portal. She did not release a figure for the new enrollees selecting health plans through the State-based marketplaces.

This news comes several months after Burwell projected that 10 million Americans would select health plans for 2016 coverage. The tallied number of total enrollments at the end of this Open Enrollment season exceeded Burwell’s previous projection by 2.7 million.

Last year, 11.7 million Americans enrolled in health insurance coverage at the end of Open Enrollment for 2015. Over 8.8 million Americans enrolled in coverage through the portal. An additional 2.8.million Americans enrolled in coverage through the State-based marketplaces.

Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia

These three states are showing steady growth in enrollment numbers. Tennessee saw a turnout of 269,000 people signing up for coverage as of February 1st. Alabama resident health plan selection numbers totaled 195,000, and Georgia health plan selection numbers amounted to 588,000.

Overall, the growth in enrollment numbers was steady. Tennessee experienced the largest growth of the three states with a percentage growth of 16%. Alabama enrollment numbers grew by 13%, and Georgia saw the most modest growth with an 8% growth in new health plan selection.

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